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AAPL opens strong after earnings report


Even as the market at large turned downward at the open today, AAPL moved up in a big way. With overnight trading taking the stock on a roller-coaster ride (up over $150, settling down at about $145, almost $8 over the closing price Wednesday), the stock opened this morning at 146, a record high open and intraday record high.

If you listened to yesterday's earnings call (or followed the highlights on our liveblog) you heard a lot of interest about the initial days of iPhone sales, which barely made it into the June quarter numbers; Apple's not even recognizing revenue from AT&T subscription sharing until the September quarter. Meanwhile, the Mac and iPod businesses are, as they say in Pittsburgh, "ahn fahr" -- 32% Mac unit sales growth over the year-ago quarter, and nearly 10 million iPods sold in the quarter. Check out Georges Yared and his colleagues over at our sister shop BloggingStocks for more on the earnings story.

Disclaimer: I am long on AAPL, and short on temper.

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