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Barnyard Blast: The greatest game of all time

Eric Caoili

While we reported on Barnyard Blast when Sanuk Software first shopped the game to potential publishers earlier this year at GDC, we refused to allow ourselves to believe that the game would ever manifest itself into a deliverable product, one which we could eventually hold with trembling, gracious hands. We've said and done far too many unkind things in our lifetime, and we accepted long ago that nice things would no longer be reserved for our wayward souls.

But here it is, Barnyard Blast, set for release late 2007. DSI Games and Bigben Interactive will bring the 2D action platformer to both North America and Europe, praise be their names. You can check out the first officially published screenshots in our gallery below.

Players take on the role of a six-shooter-toting cowboy pig, Robert Belmart, in this farm animal homage to old-school horror films and games. Robert's son, Cliffy B, has been kidnapped by "horrendous creatures" after tee-peeing an ancient castle. You'll have to fight your way through graveyards, a volcano BBQ, and the castle of intolerable pain to save your piglet!

So what is it about this livestock adventure that has us baptizing it as "the greatest game of all time?" Sanuk Software credits us, DS Fanboy, and our previous headline as their inspiration for Barnyard Blast's tagline: Swine of the Night. The phrase parodies the classic PS1 title, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, much like the actual game.

We've got more suggestions for any other developers looking for slogans to attach to their pig-themed Castlevania clones! Hog of Sorrow! Curly Tail of Darkness! Pork of Ruin! Have your people call our people!


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