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Dead Rising 2 not in the works, being considered


Considered by many to be one of the best games available on the Xbox 360, most of us thought a sequel to Dead Rising was a certainty. It may then come as a surprise to fans to learn that the game is currently not in production at all. In a recent interview, Keiji Inafune told Game Informer that he'd like to produce a potential sequel, but it's not in the works right now. Inafune adds that the game is being considered in Japan, and that it's the one project being considered that he'd like to produce the most, but there are still many technical and financial issues to be considered. X3F readers will know that both Dead Rising and Lost Planet were very successful in the west, but not so much in Capcom's native land of Japan. Anyone want to take odds odds on seeing Resident Evil 5 before Dead Rising 2?

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