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Diner Dash, Oasis and other casual titles coming to console networks


PlayFirst, makers of many well-known casual titles, and Hudson entertainment are teaming up to bring those games to consoles for "digital download" in 2008. Although everyone received the awkwardly worded press release this morning, GamingTalkHQ bothered to put two and two together -- so kudos to them. Basically it means that games like Diner Dash, Oasis, Chocolatier, Mystery of Shark Island will all eventually be made available on either Xbox Marketplace or PSN, the press release kinda skips over that part.

If we had to guess, we'd probably say XBLA, only because Hudson already has a relationship with Microsoft and just made available the enjoyable Bomberman Live. Then again, these are casual games and are designed for a solitary experience, putting it on any of the console services shouldn't be too hard. Although, don't ever think to mock these casual games, Diner Dash has made so much money we shudder at the mere utterance of that title. There's nothing stopping these games from being just as popular on XBLA or PSN at the right price.

[Via X3F]

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