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Feel the horror of the NES mashup video

Justin McElroy

You've got to feel for the poor guy from Kung Fu. First, he gets embroiled in a murder mystery that involves a surfing cat and an aerobics instructor, now, things have somehow gotten worse. Now he's stuck in NatrapsX where he's forced to kick Koopa shells and fight Zangief with only the Green Giant to aid him. Later, the white spy from Spy vs. Spy is squashed by a giant Princess Toadstool. So ... yeah. He's having one of those days.

This video is, perhaps, the most compelling example yet that eight-year olds should not be allowed to drink. For if their alcohol-addled minds were to stumble along this nightmare in the dim hours between dusk and dawn it is certain, certain, their sanity would not live to see daybreak.


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