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Gears of War gets all dolled up with action figures


They aren't dolls! They're action figures! And they aren't Gears of War munny dolls either, which makes us sad pandas. The National Entertainment Collectables Association (NECA) has announced they'll be making action figures based on Gears of War "and any potential sequels." Sadly, there isn't a single prototype to show off so we'll just have to keep staring at the cute munny doll.

"Only once in a while does a property come along that is so rich in content, with amazing character designs and groundbreaking achievements in art, music, and story. While having to turn down most properties made available to us, this was an offer we could not refuse," said Joel Weinshanker, president of NECA. He apparently didn't notice how many dolls action figures his company actually makes. Well, we gamers are suckers for anything with the word "collectible" on it, so collectible action figures probably fall into the same category. At least now some people will be able to fulfill their Marcus and Dom make-out scenes with their dolls action figures.

Soon this scene will be played out with Gears of War characters:

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