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Inafune says Dead Rising 2 not in production


Mmmmm, angry brains. Despite what we've been told, apparently Dead Rising 2 is not in production according to a Game Informer interview with producer Keiji Inafune. Inafune says that it is something he would "love" to make, but his responsibilities at the moment don't allow for that kind of time. He says Dead Rising 2 is a title being considered by Capcom Japan and if they announce it, he would want to produce, but he doesn't clearly state that the game is on hold because he wants to be the one to do it.

Sad news for Dead Rising fans who were probably expecting an announcement that the sequel would be around sometime late next year. Despite being successful in the States and Europe, Inafune's Dead Rising and Lost Planet didn't do so well in Japan. Maybe it's time for Microsoft to apply a little pressure with Capcom on behalf of those who don't really care about Monster Hunter Freedom 2 and want a little more Frank West in their life ... we know MS knows how to spend money for what they want.

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