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iTweet: Yet another iPhone Twitter client

David Chartier

Here we go again: as if Pocket Tweets, Hahlo and Twitter's own clients aren't enough, iTweet offers yet another option for quenching your Twitter lust. With a fairly different UI, iTweet's claim to fame is the ability to only download new tweets each time you refresh, saving a lot of time and bandwidth - especially useful for those tweeting over EDGE. It also has other features that I dare say are becoming a standard of mobile Twitter clients: the ability to view @replies to your tweets, direct messages and more.

In brief testing I did notice iTweet seems to run a bit faster than others, especially over EDGE, though Pocket Tweets still earns my usage and donation (scroll down for the Donate button) due to its top notch styling, ability to mark tweets as favorites and that all-too-increasingly-useful @ button for replying to someone's tweet.

Still, it's good to have options, and anyone obsessed with speed will likely enjoy the iTweet experience. For now, it appears iTweet is provided for free, as I can't find any kind of a donation button, so enjoy!

[via, surprise surprise, Marc Orchant's Twitter account]

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