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M33 continues custom firmware project


After Dark_Alex suddenly left the homebrew scene, many were wondering if the custom firmware dream would continue. Only a few weeks after his departure, a Russian hacking team, M33, has been making waves.

In fact, they've successfully released a number of custom firmware options for homebrew enthusiasts in the weeks surrounding E3. Most recently, they've released a custom firmware based on 3.52, Sony's most current release. 3.52 M33 will, once again, support the features of Sony's official release, while also launching homebrew applications. Supposedly, the latest release will also let you purchase and download PS1 games off the official PlayStation Store and play them legally on your hacked machine.

Those that want M33 on their systems must have either PSP version 1.50, or a system with Dark_Alex's custom firmware already installed. To download the M33 installer, click here. (You'll also need to download firmware 1.50 and 3.52.)

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