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Insider Trader: For the orc with everything


Insider Trader is your inside line on making, selling, buying and using player-made products.

LFGear? Insider Trader has tallied up some tidy little tailored items this week for both cloth-wearers and non-clothies alike. Why would you use tailored gear if you're not a cloth wearer? As they say, "Every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp-dressed man ..." The stylish man of means has a shirt and suit for every occasion, and tailoring's where it's at. We've also discovered some nifty little utility pieces for the 70 Who Has It All™. (Oh, and if you're a tailor, these items are definite contenders for Auction House action.)

Also this week, we'll look into mana loom locations. Sorry, we don't have a long list of little-known locations to pass along -- but at least we can confirm the few known locations and perhaps dispel a few questions about where mana looms are not.

For the 70 who has it all
While not noteworthy for the most space-pressed or epic-focused of players, these tailored items can be handy conveniences for the PvPer or the level 70 who has it all.

  • Azure Silk Belt Boosts swim speed by 15% -- useful when farming, PvPing near water, or swimming to Onyxia.
  • Spider Belt Removes existing Immobilizing effects and makes you immune to Immobilizing effects for 5 seconds; can be helpful in PvP.
  • Netherweave Net Captures a target up to 25 yards away in a net for 3 seconds. Unreliable and short-duration though it is, can be handy in PvP.

The sharp-dressed man
Admiral's Hat Buff your friends' stamina! A great party and screenshot hat.

Tuxedo clothing The formalwear standard for males.

For matching footwear, try vendor-sold Heavy Weave Shoes or Frayed Shoes. Pure white gloves and an appropriate cape are more of a challenge ... Readers, any suggestions?

Dresses The prettiest, most unique frocks come from holiday events, both as direct drops and tailoring patterns. This can make it difficult to track down a tailor with a specific holiday pattern. Check a dress listing to see screenshots and find out how to quest for or get a particular dress tailored for you.

Shirts Being well-dressed means having the right shirt under your armor – and the right shirt for town, and parties, and dueling, and ... Shop the possibilities at a shirt page for ideas. Here are a few standouts:
Pulling it all together
Of course, tailoring offers the serious player more "serious" items to improve performance. Casters will want to boost pants stats with Silver Spellthread and Golden Spellthread for healers, or Mystic Spellthread and Runic Spellthread for damage casters.

Specialized gear for cloth-wearers is so plentiful we can't even list it all here. Boost hit ratings against bosses with tailored +hit gear. Tailored resist gear helps protect against all sorts of types of magical damage – fire, frost, shadow, nature, arcane -- and there's a type of +damage gear to to suit everyone.

And finally, for the player who really has it all: bags to hold it. Big bags and bags specially made to hold crafting materials are perfect for the man with everything.

Wherefore art thou, O Mana Loom?
If you're a tailor in search of a mana loom, don't be confused by the existence of what appear to be upright looms holding lengths of unfinished weaving. You'll see these all over the world, especially near tailoring shops and trainers. These looms are not mana looms, which are actually squat horizontal contraptions that glow when moused over.

Insider Trader currently knows of only three mana looms. The first two are surprisingly close together in Shattrath City's Lower City. The first is near the tailoring specialist trainers (66,68), while a second loom sits just across the area near Eral the general goods vendor at (62,70). (Yes, this is the area where nearby players and vendors are overcome by uncontrollable vomiting when a player engages a quest at that location -- just what you wanted on your newly crafted netherweave.)

The only other known mana loom is in Horde territory at the Silvermoon City bazaar. It's found inside the tailoring shop in the northeast corner of the bazaar at (55, 50). A corresponding mana loom for Alliance players in The Exodar is ... not in existence. Get thee to Shattrath City!

Lisa Poisso is a freelance writer, when she's not waiting out the barfers to make Imbued Netherweave at the mana loom.

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