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Jaffe's first indie game to be announced within 15 months


David Jaffe revealed the intentions behind the creation of Eat Sleep Play in a new interview with IGN. The plan to become independent was discussed for about a year, as Jaffe wanted to explore "spaces Sony is in, as well as in some spaces Sony is not.."

Calling All Cars appears to be indicative of the direction Jaffe and Eat Sleep Play wants to go. "Sometimes the games we make will be smaller hardcore titles; other times we'll go for the casual market."

Jaffe's desire to be independent from Sony doesn't indicate that he's going to make games for any other platform. Thankfully, the esteemed game director states: "We are exclusive with Sony for console and handheld. And we hope to be exclusive with Sony in those spaces for many years to come ... we love PSN and love downloadable games and would love to stay in that realm."

So, when will we hear about Jaffe's first new game? Well, it looks like we'll have to wait. "My thinking is we should be ready to announce in the next 8-15 months."

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