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Apple TV USB hard drive patch has arrived!

David Chartier

We are very pleased to report that Apple TV Hacks has published the long-anticipated USB hard drive hack for the Apple TV, allowing users to plug in an external hard drive to overcome the device's disappointing storage limitations. As with any hacks of this nature, however, the same 'hacker beware' policy applies: while the steps involved don't sound too difficult and this hack deals entirely with software (one of the rules of the contest that started all this was that the Apple TV case would not need to be opened to apply the patch), it is entirely possible that tinkering in this way could somehow void your warranty (though I would imagine you could simply use the device's menu option to reset all settings and software to original manufacturer status to clean up evidence you've been tinkering).

Still, if any of you try this, be sure to chime in with your experience. The hack was designed and tested on the original 1.0 Apple TV software, so the crew isn't sure if it'll work with the current 1.1 YouTube edition released in June.

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