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Dragoneer's Aria an "epic" departure for Nippon Ichi


Nippon Ichi isn't known for epic 3D games -- but that's exactly what they're trying to with the upcoming PSP RPG, Dragoneer's Aria. Sohei Niikawa, producer at NIS, is afraid that people will say: "But you're Nippon Ichi Software!" Regardless, in a new blog on Gamespot, he admits "Even so, I feel that this title will help support us as we take a shot at something that's a little step away from the usual NIS titles."

To help create the "epic" feeling that NIS is trying to achieve, they hired some high-profile talent for the game. Juno Jeong, artist of Lineage II, is contributing his art to this PSP exclusive RPG. In addition, "the number one blog idol in Japan," Mimika, will be singing the game's theme song.

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