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Nintendo Power ending three-for-free offer

Eric Caoili

Nintendo Power has been pushing this deal for what seems like forever -- register three games or consoles with your My Nintendo account to receive three free issues of the magazine and a discounted year-length subscription afterwards. Besides extending your console's warranty and the less-than-occasional giveaway, it's pretty much the only incentive for North American gamers to register their Nintendo products at all.

Enjoy the offer while it lasts, as it expires at the end of this month, and trial subscription registrations will no longer be accepted come August 1st. Could this be the harbinger of Nintendo Power's move to a third-party publisher? Or perhaps it was just finally time to end the trial? Either way, we hope that something will take its place as a reward for product registration. We're tired of seeing the awesome stuff Japan's Club Nintendo receives, while all we get are downloadable wallpapers.

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