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Official DS headset sale keeps your chatting cheap

Eric Caoili

Though we've featured online deals for DS headsets in the past, we've never seen Nintendo's official headset priced as low as it is right now at Amazon! The online shop has marked it down by more than 50%, selling the white accessory for only $6.99. That's even cheaper than a buffet dinner at Ponderosa Steakhouse! Admittedly, Ponderosa has some fried chicken wings that are to die for, but those delicious bits of white meat won't help you chat with your friends while playing Pokemon D/P or Planet Puzzle League... Or will they?

This deal ends today, or while stocks last, so put in your order while you can! Failing that, you could always just head to Ponderosa instead! We also suggest you try their dinner rolls.

[Via CAG]

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