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RDISS: the Army's uber-vigilant surveillance system

Darren Murph

Being dropped into no man's land without a hint of what's going on around you can't be fun (or safe, for that matter), but scoping out foreign territory in a hurry just got a lot more reasonable. The Army's Rapid Equipping Force has developed the Rapid Deployment Integrated Surveillance System, or RDISS, which "can be installed quickly and with minimal training." Deemed "simple" to setup, the system is designed to "improve situational awareness for soldiers at joint security stations and combat outposts throughout Iraq," and plans are already in place to establish "hundreds" of these systems in various locales by the year's end. Nah, it's not nearly as hip as using GPS-equipped spy squirrels, but we guess it'll do the trick.

[Via The Raw Feed]

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