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Web-based BitTorrent control for your mobile phone


Some people are on the move a lot, so much that they can't even take the time to start a BitTorrent download. Luckily, a solution to their problem has arrived - and it's called µTorrent mUI. µTorrent mUI is an open source, WebUI client that monitors a home session of the popular PC app, µTorrent, and allows you to look in on how current downloads are coming along, or stop and start torrents. All you need to begin feverishly checking up on your "movies" is a phone with a browser, such as Opera, and the compulsive need to keep tabs on your files.

Update: "Thanks" to the commenters who were a bit quicker than us on realizing we'd misrepresented µTorrent mUI's purpose. You guys are quick!

[Thanks, Ken]

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