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Toys R Us ad shows Xbox $349 price drop


Well, CheapyD, who runs CheapAssGamer, is convinced about the $50 price drop coming to the Xbox 360 in August. Following yesterday's leaked "Wal-Mart" ad, today the crew at CAG dug up this Toys R Us ad for the week beginning Sunday, Aug. 12. The image taken by UgamerX is still really hard to make out and was probably taken on the sly, but the picture, in the largest size available, does seem to show toward the right side a "Valid Monday 8/13/07 ..." regarding some other deal, meaning the ad is at least in the same week. Also, Madden 08, which releases Aug. 14, can be clearly seen above the price drop image.

Cheapy D says, "When they become available, I fully expect the other retailer's ads to reflect the $50 price drop." Another member at CAG named Speedy, who was the one to expose the price drop for the PS3, typically gets Circuit City, Target and Best Buy flyers early; so we'll see what's really going on that week when he posts that week's flyer information. No word yet on how this will affect the Core or the Elite models of the Xbox 360.

[Thanks CheapyD, James, Zewone]

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