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All the Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword details you need (for now)


We've seen a lot on Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword, from screenshots to helpful tips on how to control the action, but one burning question remained: how is it? Is it as awesome as a game from Team Ninja should be? Game Daily offered a breakdown of all the elements, and it really seems like this one is coming together in what promises to be an explosive experience on the DS.

The folks at Game Daily had only good things to say about the forthcoming title, from the smooth graphics to the controls, and even down to the puzzle elements. It seems this handheld Ninja Gaiden is set to use every ounce of the DS to its advantage. Sign us up for two copies, please.

Considering the game is slated for release this year, we hope someone gets their hands on it soon for a more in-depth look, but for now, we'll have to be happy with what we've got.


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