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BlueAnt launches voice isolating Z9 Bluetooth headset

Darren Murph

It sure took long enough, but at long last BlueAnt is finally releasing its Z9 Bluetooth headset. The final version weighs in at 0.35-ounces, measures 1.5-inches in length, boasts a glossy, translucent finish, and most importantly, touts a two-level approach to noise cancellation. The firm's patented Voice Isolation technology "separates the voice signal from all background noise" in order to nix surrounding wind and ambient chatter from conversations, and can be utilized in Standard or Max modes depending on how raucous things are around you. Notably, the headset also sports dual microphones, supports on-the-fly device switching, lasts through 5.5-hours of yapping, and even offers upgradeable firmware via USB. So, for those who have managed to hold off till now, the Z9 can finally wrap itself around your ear for $99.95.

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