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Bungie update: Covenant toys revealed


Hey, remember that nifty overheating plasma rifle replica we talked about last week? In Bungie's recent weekly update, we not only got new details on the wonderful device, but we also got the first images too. Jasman Toys had both the plasma rifle and pistol prototypes on display at Comic-Con last week. Speaking to Bungie, the toymaker noted that the replicas would feature accurate sound effects and recoil. While they didn't mention if the plasma pistol will also open its exhaust port when overheated, they did confirm that it will have a "super shot" mode that inflicts more damage. Speaking of the Laser Pursuit functionality, Jasman noted that it is more than just laser tag. The targets will behave like shields in the Halo games. Take too much damage, and the shields will die. Take cover for a few seconds, and they will recharge.

We're slowly beginning to realize that we are much too old to be playing laser tag. We are also, however, coming to realize that we don't care. We're playing, damn it, and no one can stop us. Hit the "read" link for more details and a shot of the plasma pistol replica.

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