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Dailymotion releases iPhone site


Those wily mobileers at Engadget Mobile send a pointer to Dailymotion's new iPhone-specific site. No matter how you feel about iPhone-specific websites, watching videos on the iPhone is always fun, and since Dailymotion has taken the time to encode the content in Quicktime, it's actually possible here without a special player (unlike most other vid sites, which use Flash). Of course, if your iPhone is activated normally, you could just be watching YouTube, but for those of you running around without SIMs in your iPhones (ahem, Erica), this is an option for your video watching needs.

Unfortunately, even though I wasn't able to browse around the site on an iPhone, I did browse it in my usual Safari browser, and while the content played fine, it looked as though it was sized incorrectly-- only part of the Quicktime video showed up. Some video is better than no video, I guess.

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