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Dell Latitude D830 gets examined


Dell didn't stray very far from its nearly year-old D820 with its new D830 model, but those still on the fence about a purchase may want to head over to NotebookReview, which now has a fairly thorough examination of the laptop from someone that took the plunge and bought one. While it certainly won't stand out as much as some recent Dell laptops, NotebookReview's "Commander Wolf" nonetheless found the unit to be "visually appealing," with a solid construction and good performance, helped in no small part by its use of discrete graphics. On the downside, he unsurprisingly found that the D830 was "not a thin-and-light" and he was somewhat disappointed by an "unusually large" amount of light leakage coming from the bottom of the screen. The good Commander also thankfully took the time time to put the system through some benchmark tests, which you can check out by hitting up the link below.

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