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iFuntastic 2 for iPhone makes custom ringtones, reordering apps a breeze

David Chartier

When Mat Lu first blogged iFuntastic last week, it was a fledgling app that primarily allowed you to install custom ringtones. A drawback, however, to this 1.0 version is that it broke iTunes' ability to auto-launch when you connect your phone; while you could still launch iTunes yourself (or simply leave it running) to sync, I can understand how this would still disappoint some would-be users.

Fortunately, a shiny new iFuntastic 2 fixes that drawback and adds a number of slick new features to boot. At the top of my list: users are now able to rearrange the order of apps on the iPhone's home screen. This is particularly useful when using the iPhone one-handed, as some of those icons get difficult to reach with merely a thumb (or maybe I just have small geek hands; who knows). Another new novelty is the changing of the carrier logo to any picture you chose, as long as it fits within some specific dimensions. While I never used iFuntastic v1, I hear v2 has also updated support for ringtone audio formats, including .M4P, the protected audio format of iTunes Store songs.

After tinkering with iFuntastic 2, adding a ringtone (Livin' on the Edge opening guitar riff FTW!) and rearranging my iPhone apps for easier one-handedness, I can definitely say I'll be donating for all the good work the crew is cranking out with this app. While there are still no guarantees when screwing around with things Apple hasn't officially opened up yet, remember that one click of iTunes' Restore button in the Devices > iPhone > Summary tab should get you right back to square one, restoring all your contacts, calendars and email accounts, as well as the media you've been synching.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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