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Operation Darkness, an SRPG with an M rating in Japan


The Japanese have gone and done it now with Operation Darkness; they've created a console strategy RPG that isn't a ball of fantasy cuteness. Even more disturbing, it's for the Xbox 360. Siliconera has been following this series, which is slated for release in Japan on Oct. 11, saying it's a WWII meets werewolves SRPG with Xbox Live support for four players. The game will receive the CERO D rating in Japan, the equivalent to the M rating from the ESRB.

Considering the RPG genre is minimal on the Xbox 360, with Enchanted Arms, Oblivion and Blue Dragon being the high-profile ones, maybe the lack of competition and higher Xbox install base will help Operation Darkness make its way over the Pacific. Now, please allow between two years and never for the translation and random elements to be completed for export. Thank you.

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