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Tatung launching 10.4-inch WebPad TX-3000 tablet PC

Darren Murph

Not too many details on this one just yet, but the good news is that Tatung is reportedly readying the 10.4-inch WebPad TX-3000 for release -- at least in Thailand, that is. Apparently, the company has been busy showing off the machine at Taitronics Bangkok 2007, and word on the street puts an AMD LX 800 processor and 1GB CompactFlash card within, and we could also see 802.11b/g WiFi, USB 2.0, PCMCIA, VGA output, audio in / out, and a three-hour battery pack on the final release. Sadly, we've no idea exactly when Tatung plans on loosing this thing to the public, but we're hoping it won't keep those eager to snap one up waiting for too much longer.

[Via TeleRead]

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