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Blast Factor: Advanced Research on the way

Justin McElroy

Sure, your friends may laugh at you as you continue to play Blast Factor many months after it appeared on PSN. But soon, your devotion will be rewarded by Blast Factor: Advanced Research, according to a post on the official PlayStation blog. Imagine how your friends' skills, thick and unwieldy from disuse will be shamed by your laser-like precision as you sail through seven new levels, eleven new enemy types and two new bosses. Yes, they could attempt to make use of the new practice modes, but it will all be for naught. ... You'll have already grown too powerful.

Want to making your revenge dish even colder? The expansion adds monthly online high score tables, so the world will watch in awe, quaking before your greatness, finally realizing that though they laughed at you for your love of Blast Factor, in the end, the joke would be on them.

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