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Canadians: Drive fast and win with Forza 2

Dustin Burg

Beginning August 4th our dear Canadian Forza Motorsport 2 gamers can enter's Forza 2 Drive Fast giveaway where you they drive away some some rockin' prizes. During the four promotional weeks in August, racers who earn (or already have) the "1,000,000 online credits" achievement will automatically be entered into the weekly giveaways that include Microsoft points, accessories, Xbox Live memberships and a grand prize that'll take you and three friends to the Bridgestone Racing Academy. And entering this giveaway is even easier, because all you have to do is download the special Checkered Flag gamer picture and you're entered. That's it! But remember, this giveaway is only open to Canadian residents, so European and US racers need not apply. Race on fellow Canadians, race on!

[Thanks, DjDATZ]

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