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Get Out and download this game!

Eric Caoili

Jao describes Get Out, his first homebrew release for the DS, as a "Pac-Man-like game," but it's really more stealth-based than wakka-wakka-based.

Players have to escape their classrooms without being spotted by patrolling teachers. Sneaking out becomes harder with each level as the number of instructor sentries and their walking speed increases. To aid you in your noble quest, empty desks are available for you to duck into if you see one of the teachers headed for your row.

Though it doesn't seem like much was put into its presentation, what with the lack of a soundtrack and the sprites being ripped from Earthbound, the simplicity and accessibility make for a very entertaining diversion. Plus, you can't argue with its price -- absolutely free!

Get Out
is one of over two dozen entries for Dev-FR's homebrew coding competition. Make sure to try out the many other fine applications and games that've been submitted, especially Plop Invaders!

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