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It's Official: Halo 3 has four player, online co-op [Update - Details!]

Jared Rea

Speaking at a Microsoft press conference in Amsterdam earlier today, Bungie has confirmed, once and for all, that Halo 3 will feature two to four player online co-operative play over Xbox Live. This news comes after months of rumors and slip-ups, but is extremely appreciated nonetheless.

Details are extremely sparse at the moment (chugging a Mountain Dew while snowboarding with a live bear extreme) but we can tell you this: we have Bungie's word. Bungie will be issuing an update themselves on this matter over at their website later today, so be patient and we'll have further information for you as soon as it rolls in.

[Update - Bungie has released the details! Go check it out and thank you for your patience!]

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