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Miyamoto hints at new Nintendo franchise in 2008


"Maybe next year sometime, we may have new characters in the same way we came up with Pikmin when we introduced the GameCube."

These were Miyamoto's remarks to Dean Takahashi during E3 this year, as Dean manages to get his lengthy interview online. During the interview, Miyamoto touches on a variety of subjects, focusing most on Wii Fit, naturally, but does stray to discuss other things about his work life at Nintendo. And, while the remainder of the interview is interesting, as with most times Miyamoto conducts one, we can't help but come back to that quote up top there.

What kind of new characters could we be seeing? What new franchise (or, dare we say, franchises) are we going to be looking to in the future for those fun experiences Nintendo is so wonderful at providing?

[Via Joystiq]

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