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Next-gen Onimusha, MegaMan Legends, and RE5 discussed

Nick Doerr

Keiji Inafune is a brilliant mastermind. Not only did he create MegaMan, but he's mulling over the possibility of making a next-gen Onimusha title, reviving the amazing MegaMan Legends franchise, and goes on to talk a bit about the changes made in Resident Evil 5. While every single one of those games deserves their own time in the sun, we're going to squash them together in bullet list form and let you decide who to dote over.
  • Inafune wants to make MegaMan Legends 3 awfully bad -- moreso than Onimusha and perhaps RE5, but since management won't give him funding, he has to wait until he climbs the ladder a little more.
  • If an Onimusha sequel is created, Inafune wants to go back to actor-based characters instead of the fictional characters from Dawn of Dreams.
  • In the same vein, Inafune wants to make an Onimusha with a female lead character, but he's told it would not sell, so it has been denied him these many years! We are sad at hearing this.
  • As for Resident Evil 5, light is the new source of fear instead of dark. Inafune and gang (including a good number of people from the defunct Clover studios) want to find ways to utilize light to scare people. How realistically it can be used, etc. It seems like it could work. It's hard to see in a house if you've been out in the blazing desert sun for a few hours. Who knows what lurks within!
We hope Inafune gets more sway in Capcom's happenings, because we want to see some amazing games that we know developers are willing to work on. The above three are probably the ones we're looking forward to the most from Capcom, partially because we don't fully believe they'll be happening anytime soon. It's sad, but true. Which of these three would you love to have fall into your hands tomorrow morning?

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