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All the armory information you'll ever need


For those of you who enjoy thoroughly analyzing World of Warcraft's class composition through armory data, do we have the site for you! Okoloth has started his own armory database -- he queries the armory for characters and then feeds the information back in to a local database where he can compile statistics on the overall playerbase. The downside to the project is that it's difficult to get a comprehensive list of all players -- Okoloth gets his player list by first checking all players on Arena teams and then querying every player in those players' guilds. So this data isn't 100% accurate simply because it's not pulling 100% of character information -- however, I'd say the 40,000 character profiles queried gives us a reasonable slice of the overall population.

Okoloth gives us percentage breakdowns of talent spec, all stats, professions, Aldor/Scryer reputation, and gear. Keep reading for a class/talent breakdown, and be sure to check Okoloth's site for all of the armory data you'll ever need.

[via Severkill's Blog]

  • Out of 5592 level 70 Druids... the only healing class whose healing tree doesn't overwhelm the rest.
    • Balance: 10%
    • Feral: 59.92%
    • Restoration: 30.08%
  • Out of 5752 level 70 Hunters... after reading BRK for so long, I'm surprised to see such a high population of Marksmen.
    • Beast Mastery: 33.83%
    • Marksmanship: 58.52%
    • Survival: 7.65%
  • Out of 7704 level 70 Mages... the only class with an even split between the builds.
    • Arcane: 32.57%
    • Fire: 38.34%
    • Frost: 29.09%
  • Out of 4663 level 70 Paladins... the Holy tree completely dominates.
    • Holy: 83.4%
    • Protection: 7.18%
    • Retribution: 9.41%
  • Out of 6998 level 70 Priests... though I've read (and written) plenty about the Priest Holy tree being weak, this breakdown makes Discipline look like the problem.
    • Discipline: 7.14%
    • Holy: 51.54%
    • Shadow: 41.31%
  • Out of 6361 level 70 Rogues... is Combat really the primary Rogue build these days?
    • Assassination: 18.16%
    • Combat: 63.26%
    • Subtlety: 18.58%
  • Out of 4230 level 70 Shamans... doesn't surprise me -- while the other trees have their uses, who doesn't want Mana Tide?
    • Elemental: 22.06%
    • Enhancement: 27.14%
    • Restoration: 50.8%
  • Out of 6066 level 70 Warlocks... and here I always favored a Demonology/Destruction build.
    • Affliction: 54.52
    • Demonology: 25.12%
    • Destruction: 20.36%
  • Out of 7984 level 70 Warriors... showing that PvE is still more important than PvP, Protection has a slight majority.
    • Arms: 39.17%
    • Fury: 14.88%
    • Protection: 45.95%

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