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Best Buy Xbox bundle for $399 and HD DVD for $150


Although really not evidence of the Aug. 12 price drop, there are some interesting things going on with the Xbox 360's pricing and attachments at Best Buy. We've received two separate Best Buy scans of a "360 Top Spin Bun" that will go on sale on Aug. 12 for $399 (the same day as the expected price drop). Though we're not positive, a Top Spin 2 pack-in seems to be the obvious component here (take that Wii Tennis!).

Also curious is that Best Buy has brought down the price of the HD DVD attachment for the Xbox 360 to $150. It's currently sold out online, but most major retailers are still pricing the device in the $180 to $200 range. It's not marked as a sale so, unless there is a computer error, the price looks to stay. Retailers plan to get more details on Xbox 360 pricing next Wednesday.

[Thanks Anonymous and El Conejo]

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