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Dress up your Sixaxis, keep grease away

Nick Doerr

If you're looking for some strange accessories to accent your PS3 in ways you think immature or silly, turn your attention elsewhere! We've got some very serious add-ons to your Sixaxis to present to you today and they demand only serious gamers consider their purchase. We're being sarcastic, if you couldn't tell, but we do have some peripherals that you may find interesting.

What we're talking about today are not unlike those plastic/rubber covers you can put on CDs to prevent them from scratching (we refer to them as Disc Condoms). We're talking about skins for your Sixaxis -- not just skins, but skins that change color with body heat! They retail for a little over $10 and come in a variety of colors, so if you're really OCD about keeping grubby hands off your precious Bluetooth controller, invest in one of these. The strangest part: these Sixaxis skins are officially licensed by Sony. What do you guys think? Worth it, or pass?

[Thanks for the pics, Dustin!]

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