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Get Dirt on your PS3 this September


Codemasters has announced that the PlayStation 3 version of gratuitously grimy off-road racer, Dirt, will skid into stores this September. Having already crushed several Xbox 360 controllers due to the sheer tension experienced when rapidly hurling a screeching hunk of metal through a tight corner, we're pleased to note that the Playstation 3 version will support sturdy racing wheels and force feedback functionality. Several PlayStation 2 peripherals, including the Logitech Driving Force range, are more than welcome at these rally events.

One feature touted as being unique to the PlayStation 3 is 7.1 audio, bolstered by "third-order Ambisonic soundfields for the most realistic positioning." We're not sure what that is exactly, but it sounds like something we'd enjoy. There's no mention of Sixaxis motion support in the release, though shaking the controller violently would be an appropriate way of strangling Dirt's annoying co-driver. Take that, "Mr. Smooth!"

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