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Lair delayed until September 4th

Jem Alexander

That's right. Ryan Hamlyn, Associate Producer for SCEA, has confirmed on the PlayStation.Blog that Lair has been delayed until September 4th ... 2008. Not really, but it may as well have been. Pushing back a game that we at PS3 Fanboy likes to refer to as a "thirst quencher", during these months of drought, is a real disappointment.

It seems QA has had to be extended by "an extra step", which means an extra three weeks of development time. For those of you keeping score at home, that brings the total number of AAA titles being released this month to ... well, one actually. Warhawk will be out on the 28th, but that's barely August really, is it? The thing we're most worried about now is that Lair won't get as much attention as perhaps it should, with Heavenly Sword being released on the same day.

So get yourself stocked up on crisps and beer and prepare to wait out the oncoming month in some sort of drunken, greasy stupor. August never seemed so uninviting.

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