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Stream audio, video, and pictures from your Mac to a PS3

Mat Lu

As the resident Xbox 360 fanboy I had reservations about touching this one, but my Mac love triumphs over all and so I bring you news of a cool tutorial on streaming media from your Mac to a PS3. This method is basically built around the MediaTomb open-source UPnP media server. The tricky part is installing MediaTomb on your Mac with fink and setting it up for the PS3 from the command-line. But once you do, you should be able to stream audio, video, and pictures from your Mac over the network. Needless to say, I haven't tried this myself, but I am intrigued by this note: "Currently MediaTomb does not fully support the XBOX360 as it acts differently from the PS3, but the code is already there to make it work in future versions." I guess we 360 users will just have to make due with Connect360 for now.

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