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Blacksite: Area 51 delayed until November

Justin McElroy

This has to be the best bit of news today. Midway has announced that Blacksite: Area 51 has been delayed, and will ship out to North America on November 5th and to Europe on October 26. "But wait," you ask, "how can this be the best news of the day?" Well, for those who've put blood, sweat and code into the game, we'd bet that any move away from Blacksite's previous launch date during September is very good news indeed.

Sure, they've put on a brave face, even claiming at one point that launching near a certain other sci-fi FPS would actually make them stronger. As sweet as the attempt was, we're happy to see Blacksite back in a position where it's free of competition ... if you're not counting Haze, Assassin's Creed and Army of Two, of course.

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