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But what does Ebert think about video game movies?

Jared Rea

Has anyone ever stopped to think that maybe film critic Roger Ebert's dislike of video games is because he's had to sit through just about every film based on a video game, ever? We can sit around and do our best Tom Servo impressions to Super Mario Bros all we want, but what if your career path was about to be flooded with these monstrosities?

You too can feel Ebert's pain as the grand opening of the Balcony Archive contains a wealth of classic reviews from his syndicated TV show. Sure, they may never be able to convince us that The Wizard was a terrible film (Jenny Lewis deserved an Oscar!), but it's nice to know that even back in 1989, Gene Siskel understood why these movies never turn out well: the folks behind them simply don't love the games. He always was a smart one, that man. To the balcony!

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