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Dragoneer's Aria invites you to learn some Dragon Skills

Nick Doerr

Nippon Ichi Software apparently found it prudent to release a bunch of little clips about their upcoming title Dragoneer's Aria, just to tutorial potential players before its release. While not overly complicated, it's nice to see some of the features the game will possess (we just hope we can turn off the voice acting, since we don't really care to hear someone say "Burning Blade!" every battle).

The above video details "Dragon Skills" which are essentially attack skills gained by equipping certain orbs onto whatever character you want. Think of the orbs from the Suikoden games and you'll get the idea -- fairly open-ended with your choices, but each character has an obvious affinity for one over another. Who's excited to pick this one up? It's definitely a departure from NIS's classic-looking 2D titles.

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