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Europe gets Tingle RPG Sept. 14


Nintendo Europe has officially announced that Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland will be heading to the DS there on Sept. 14. They did mention this before, but now it's like really official because it came in a press release. We currently have no release info from Nintendo of America, which kinda makes us wonder what is it about this game that's fine for European sensibilities, but not OK for America? They don't think we can handle a middle-aged man-boy in a spandex suit? The game's already in English, we're sure we can get over words being misspelled like colour and favourite, it doesn't have to be American localized. Then again, US gamers can always just import the game from Europe and it'll work just fine -- except for the misspellings.

In all seriousness, Nintendo Europe needs to stop releasing their "European" information in British £ only form. Dear European readers, it's not us, it's them. Nintendo says the game will retail for £25, a quick check on German shows the game will be €35. And so Americans have no idea when to expect the Tingle RPG and Nintendo of Europe can't seem to learn how to write a press release using the majority currency of the continent -- we sense Tingle magic is afoot.

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