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GTA IV's first episode still slated for fiscal '08


Following today's news that Grand Theft Auto IV will be delayed due to "technological challenges" until Feb. and April of next year, we wanted to know what happens to the Xbox exclusive episodes. Considering the money Microsoft put down for that exclusive GTA content, we're sure they'd probably like to know when that'll be available too. A Take Two spokesperson told Joystiq, "While we can't comment on the confidential contractual agreement, we still plan to deliver the first episodic content for Xbox 360 in fiscal 2008."

Now, here's where it gets technical. We know that originally the first episode was supposed to come out in March of '08, because the CFO of Take Two said so. The second episode would be released later in fiscal '08. Take Two's fiscal year ends in November, meaning that it looks like we'll get one episode in fiscal '08 and the next one beginning fiscal '09. If the time table stays the same, the first episode will come out five months after the game is released. But they can always wake up the episode when November ends.

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