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Blacksite gets delayed into November

Dustin Burg

During a Q2 earnings call, Midway confirmed the news that Area 51: Blacksite has been delayed and its release date will be moved back into this Fall. The new release dates for Blacksite are November 5th for North America and October 6th for Europe, which is a step back from the rough "Summer" release it was slated for previously and the September release date retailers were telling customers.

And allow us to express our opinion on this whole "delayed game" thing that has been going on lately. Simply put, we're thinking all this delayed video game madness is the cause of a rare virus. Seriously, here us out. This uber rare virus lives in the dirty kitchens of major game studios, feeds off cheesy puff crumbs and ends up messing with developers' minds, causing them to experience violent mood swings and act out in fits of rage. This ultimately delays their game as the virus makes everyone "moody". How else can we explain both GTA IV and Blacksite delays? And no, we don't believe the whole "we simply need more time" marketing mumbo jumbo either. All we're saying is that Microsoft better wrap Bungie HQ in aluminum foil and spread anti-bacterial soap all over it, because we refuse to get our Halo 3 any later than September 25th (26th for our European friends). Delayed game virus be damned!

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