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Breakfast Topic: Things they'll never announce at BlizzCon

David Bowers

We've all heard rumors and speculations about what's due to be announced at BlizzCon today: a new expansion, a new class, and who knows what else. Now let's turn aside from what we think will happen and consider the infinite possibilities of what will not happen. Yes, indeedy -- today's the day we'll look into our crystal balls and talk to our Ouija boards, predicting with 100% accuracy all the things Blizzard will not announce today at BlizzCon!

To get your inspiration going, I'll give you a few examples.

  • New Expansion: The Search for Mankirk's Wife (in which the new area is just an expanded Barrens -- ten times larger than the original)
  • New Class: Teletubby. Available races: Gnome, Blood Elf. Signature spell: "Infuriating Giggle"
  • New Profession: Retail Salesmanship. Lets you set up shops and stand around all day waiting for customers. Raid bosses will drop epic brand name contracts.

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