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Chains of Olympus will "change the course of the GoW mythology"


A lot of random snippets of information was released in today's chat with the God of War: Chains of Olympus development team. In the chat held for fans, Ready at Dawn revealed a few facts about the game:

  • The game is still on track for a Winter release.
  • Set ten years before the original God of War, Kratos will meet many characters from the previous PS2 God of War titles through his adventure. After the murder of his family, Kratos renounces his service to Ares, and he decides to serve the other gods of Olympus to try and rid him of his nightmares. Voice actors from previous games will return in Chains of Olympus. Linda Hunt will return to narrate the game.
  • "You will have multiple weapons with a new twist on how they integrate into the storyline."
  • The game has been in development since Daxter shipped.
  • The game will have counter attacks -- but whether or not it will be similar to God of War II's Golden Fleece was not revealed.

  • Magic will be used against you by enemies before you can use it yourself.
  • "One of the areas we are focusing on in this story is Kratos' human side, I'll let you imagine what that entails."
  • There will be multiple difficulty settings.
  • If there's a need for various control options, they will be provided.
  • "The game will run at an uncompromised 30fps."
  • The same musicians are handling the music for Chains of Olympus.
  • There are both in-game and CG cutscenes in the game.
  • Obviously, the game will be rated M for Mature.
  • "You will play and experience an event that will change the course of the GoW mythology, that will take you far beyond where Kratos has ever gone before."
  • "When [Kratos] gets in a fight with Athena well, let's say comedy ensues."
  • Players will need to earn all their cheats.

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