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First shots of Canon's EOS 40D DSLR?

Darren Murph

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Color us exceedingly skeptical, but a poster over at DPReview managed to grab what appears to be the first legitimate shots of Canon's elusive EOS 40D before the source jumped ship. Granted, there would be more shock now if Canon wasn't actually conjuring up a 40D, but if these images prove real, maybe we're a bit closer to newfangled DSLR heaven than originally conceived. Additionally, it was noted that the Exposure Mode Dial now seems to have three custom function settings, and there's even an option for sRAW (likely a reduced sized RAW) in the image-recording quality choices. So go on, check out another angle and a description of various functions after the jump, but don't get too riled up till word gets official, cool?

[Via Northlight-Images, thanks Rob B.]

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