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UT3 on PS3 confirmed to have keyboard and mouse support

Jem Alexander

Our mate (and Vice President of Epic) Mark Rein has today posted on the official Unreal Tournament 3 forums to confirm that yes, keyboard and mouse input will be available in the PS3 version of the game. The confirmation came, we suspect, after a number of PS3Forums members noticed that Rein stated that he didn't see a huge demand for the feature during an interview with Joystiq. Taking matters into their own hands, they started campaigning to show that there was indeed demand for it by emailing Rein en masse telling him so.

Rein states that the feature will be implemented in a balanced way "without feeling "gimped" for either side." In the Joystiq interview he seemed worried that incorporating different controller methods would give an unfair advantage. If this problem has been solved, does that mean we could be seeing PS3 to PC cross play, after all? There are more details to come later.

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