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Warhawk dated August 28th, digital and retail prices announced

Jared Rea

Over at the official US PlayStation blog, Warhawk director Dylan Jobe announced that Sony's online title has gone gold and will be hitting the PlayStation Network and retail shelves on August 28th.

Jobe also put an end to speculation regarding the price, stating that the digital download for Warhawk will be priced at $39.99, while the boxed copy will retail for the now standard $59.99.

Seeing as how this is a multiplayer only title with a digital download, we would have preferred to see that price a bit lower, but still, this is a much better scenario than say, the Shadowrun debacle. The retail version of Warhawk is being thought of as a premium version of the title, featuring expanded video content as well as a Bluetooth headset. Not bad for an extra twenty bucks.

For those wondering about the fabulously pictured Warhawk pin, sorry, it's for Beta players only. The top ranked Beta players, to be exact.

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