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WoW Insider's BlizzCon meetup


Did you miss the first WoW Insider meetup? Well, I suppose we'll have to forgive you -- obviously, not everyone could make the time to come down to BlizzCon this year. But you missed out on a heck of a time. WoW Insider showed up at 7 o'clock (we were early, but after a long wait in line for our tickets, we were focused on finding someplace to sit down and have some cool drinks) and most of crowd dispersed by around 11. And in the meantime? We talked about our favorite game, World of Warcraft; the classes we played and the servers we played on; our favorite WoW Insider pieces; those strange people who send us tips on things we've already written; and, of course, our predictions for what would be announced at BlizzCon. Throughout all of that conversation, we even managed to hold a trivia contest and give out some cool prizes.

So what are you waiting for? Browse through our gallery to see what it was like to be there yourself!

Gallery: WoW Insider BlizzCon Meetup | 22 Photos

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